Weigh-In, Weigh-Up

So I gained again. But that’s ok! Because…I ate like shit last week. And now I feel fully motivated to STOP DOING THAT. MY BODY DOESN’T LIKE IT. And every time I ate something not so great for me, guess what? The guilt, and the stomach problems made it completely not worth it.

Starting Weight: 176.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 166.8 lbs
This Weigh-in: 168.4 lbs
Difference: +2.4 lbs
Total Difference: -8.2 lbs

Yikes. But, at the same time, I needed this kick in the ass. I didn’t really track all week, and then I just went deeper and deeper into the pit of Shit Eating. Now I know, it is NOT worth it. I love love love food, but indulging as much and as often as I did wasn’t great. I feel like most of it was cheap non-delicious indulges. I didn’t really save my extra points for something amazing. And I get extra pounds in exchange. Ugh.

But that’s ok! I’m back on course. I’m tracking. I’ve signed-up up for many Bar classes, and I’m going to kick this week’s butt and get back on course! The only person I’m hurting is myself if I continue in this way. It’s funny because I felt extra anxious all week too, and I’m sure that food had something to do with it. So here we go. Who is with me? We are going to kick this week’s ass! Because weeks totally have butts, duh.