Weigh-In, Weigh-Up

So I gained again. But that’s ok! Because…I ate like shit last week. And now I feel fully motivated to STOP DOING THAT. MY BODY DOESN’T LIKE IT. And every time I ate something not so great for me, guess what? The guilt, and the stomach problems made it completely not worth it.

Starting Weight: 176.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 166.8 lbs
This Weigh-in: 168.4 lbs
Difference: +2.4 lbs
Total Difference: -8.2 lbs

Yikes. But, at the same time, I needed this kick in the ass. I didn’t really track all week, and then I just went deeper and deeper into the pit of Shit Eating. Now I know, it is NOT worth it. I love love love food, but indulging as much and as often as I did wasn’t great. I feel like most of it was cheap non-delicious indulges. I didn’t really save my extra points for something amazing. And I get extra pounds in exchange. Ugh.

But that’s ok! I’m back on course. I’m tracking. I’ve signed-up up for many Bar classes, and I’m going to kick this week’s butt and get back on course! The only person I’m hurting is myself if I continue in this way. It’s funny because I felt extra anxious all week too, and I’m sure that food had something to do with it. So here we go. Who is with me? We are going to kick this week’s ass! Because weeks totally have butts, duh.


Thursday Weigh-In…on a Saturday


Yep. I’m an asshole. I gained weight this week and refused to blog about it. Let’s go straight to the numbers, shall we?

Starting Weight: 176.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 166.8 lbs
This Weigh-in: 167.6 lbs
Difference: +.8 lbs 
Total Difference: -9 lbs

Sigh. It’s FINE. It’s only .8 lbs. And it’s kind of a ridiculous story. But maybe hearing about my own neuroses over .8lbs will make you all feel better about yourselves so here goes.

I couldn’t make it to my normal Thursday Weight Watchers meeting because my work schedule changed, so I thought to myself “well, I could go to the 5:30 meeting, but my weigh in is at 12:30 normally, and I’ll probably weigh more at 5:30.” So I didn’t go to the meeting because I was feeling annoyed. But I DID end up going in to a WW store and getting weighed, but only because I weighed myself at home and it looked like I was down a pound… not so much. Apparently between my apartment and the store I gained weight. Which is BS, and my scale is just off compared to the WW scales–which is why I went to get weighed in the first place because I want a consistent reflection of my progress, from the same scale. So anyway, I was annoyed, but still actually pretty happy because I’m still in the 160s, and no shit people’s weight fluctuates and it’s going to be FINE. And then the next day I got my period…which explained a) my insanity and b) my gain.

In summary: I gained weight. But not really. I still feeling like I’m making progress, and if nothing else, this little bump is inspiration for me to do a better job of tracking this week. So there you have it. Hopefully my TMI will help you feel better!

Thursday Weigh-In: Pound by Pound

Hello! Just a quick post to check-in with the whole Weight Watchers losing weight thing I have going on. Despite the fact that all I do it eat, I have somehow managed to make enough healthy choices this week to balance out the unhealthy ones. My biggest challenge is socializing, and planning ahead to avoid major splurges when eating out, but so far I’ve been doing a good job of eating a smoothie for breakfast and/or a salad for lunch if I have plans to go out.

Ok this is all a lie. My BIGGEST challenge is alcohol. Specifically in the form of beer. It’s not that I drink a lot, but dammit, if I want a beer at the end of the day with friends, I want a beer at the end of the day with friends. This basically means that I’ve been a bit hungrier than I should be, and saving my flex points for those beers. But sometimes I skip the beer like a good kid. I just never want to feel like I’m denying myself anything, because I know myself, and eventually I will get really annoyed at the lack of Ben and Jerry’s or Kraft mac and cheese, and then I will over-do it and eat the whole pint/box/6-pack (that’s I lie, I’d pass out after three beers). So I’m allowing myself the little indulgences, and I’m finding that just being mindful of EVERYTHING I eat throughout the day makes those indulgences not weigh me down. Ha.

Also, I started a tumblr with pictures of all the food I’m eating to keep me even more accountable. I have another friend on WW who is doing the same thing, and we’re following each other. It’s a good way to add on the guilt, and a good way to get inspired by what other people are eating. So if the three of you who read this thing want to stalk me even more, and see even more terrible iPhone photos of food, you can find me on tumblr.

And now the numbers! I think it’s funny that my body is shedding one pound at a time. None of this .5 lbs business for me!

Starting Weight: 1766.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 170.0
This Weigh-in: 169.0 lbs
Difference: -1 lbs



Meet Jack:

photo(1)Jack LaLanne, that is. And yes, that is a Goodwill price tag on poor old Jack. $14.99 for a used juicer? How could I say no? Ok, I’m not gonna lie, I’m still kind of afraid I drank Goodwill Germs and will soon develop a nasty rash or something, but so far so good. But, I figured Jack here would be a good tester to see if I want to purchase a new fancy spendy juicer later on. I seriously winged it though, on the juice making. Into the juicer I put…


1 apple, 1 peach, a bunch of kale. And it came out looking a bit like this:

photo(4)Delicious looking, right? Ok maybe not. But it tasted pretty dang good for a non-recipe, first time juice. The juicer itself seemed ok, but as I said, I have no juicer experience and had no idea what to expect. Things I learned? Put a bigger bowl under the waste side. My counter now has pulp everywhere. Oops. Cleaning this guy? Well…. I haven’t tried yet. You see I wanted to give him a good old scrub down before I used him, Goodwill Germs and all, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to take him apart. I even downloaded a manual from the internet, and still couldn’t get the blade part to come out like the pictures said. So I scrubbed him down as best I could and prayed to the Goodwill Gods that his previous owners weren’t really sick or anything. I mean, they owned a juicer, so they were probably awesome right? Anyway, my first juicing experience was ok, and I plan on using good old Jack here more often, once I figure out how to clean him. I am wondering though, if anyone in Juiceland knows…I like my juice COLD. So should I refrigerate my ingredients first? Put my juice in the fridge for a bit? I’m not a huge ice cube fan, so I’d rather not go that route, and refrigerating apples seems weird to me, but I guess I could give it a go. I will keep you posted. In the meantime:


My Morning Bar

baroutsideFor the past two and a half months I have been waking up and going to the bar at 6am. Ok, ok stupid joke. But I have been going to 6am Bar Method classes every weekday morning. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the hell is Bar Method. I always respond “it’s like yoga and pilates on a ballet bar.” But you know what? That really does not cover the intense amount of work and pain involved (NOT that yoga and pilates aren’t painful/effortless) but Bar Method is its own personal beast.  I think the best way to describe it is to explain the different parts. Step into my studio:

studioWhile every day the exercises vary, there is a pretty strict order that we do things in. It’s nice because you know what to expect, but things do change. During most of the entire class you are in the “Bar Method Tuck” which means you are squeezing your abs and butt tight the whole time, shoulders are relaxed and down (the hardest thing for me), chin up, chest open. Think ballerina. Think poise!

Every class starts with warm-up and arms. We use two different sets of hand weights–I use 2lbs and 3lbs. There’s a LOT of repetition, those weights start feeling heavy. We do a few million repetitions of arm stuff, including killer triceps work and push-ups. Oh push-ups, how I hate thee. After we put away our weights we get to go to the bar!

barinsideWe do some stretching on the bar (and I channel my inner Black Swan), and then we do thigh work. The best way I can describe thigh is, tiny baby squats over and over and over again…on your tip toes. There are three different thigh exercises each class, but they vary so you never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they involve squeezing a lovely white ball in-between your thighs. It’s fun. After thigh is seat! What is seat? It’s working your “dancers dent” … your butt. And it hurts. These exercises vary too, but there’s always the possibility of The Pretzel:

It sucks. Trust me. (and that lady’s outfit is awesome) Then we do some more stretching, and then curl! Curl = crunches = ow. It’s like fancy painful crunches. A lot of them. In different variations. Almost done! The last little bit of work is called “seat dancing” or what I call “air humping,” because that’s basically what you do. Lie on your back and hump the air. For a good long time. It’s good for your butt. And then more stretching and done! And by done! I mean hobbling out of the room in pain. It’s great.

One of the best things about Bar Method for me is the personal attention you get. The instructors are SO nice, at least at the Portland location, they go around adjusting EVERYONE and they will know and memorize your name after the first class. It’s kind of awesome. At first I was like “oh shit I’m the terrible new kids who keeps getting called out,” but then I realized that everyone needs adjusting. It’s easier for the instructor to see when you’ve gotten off balance, so I welcome the corrections now. Also, I was expecting the studio to be full of crazy mean skinny bitches. I am a judgemental asshole. Everyone is LOVELY. Although I have NO IDEA how they all afford LuLuLemon. Actually I have no idea how anyone affords Bar Method, but for me it’s worth the crazy insane price tag (seriously, its ONLY downfall).

And that, my friends, is what I’ve been doing every morning. It’s only been two and a half months, but I feel stronger and more confident, and I’m still excited to go to class every morning–which is saying something because I have commitment issues when it comes to working out. One week I’m a runner, the next I’m addicted to Body Pump. Spinning! Yoga! Change is great, but I’m glad to find something I can stick to without getting sick of it and giving up and getting out my fat jeans after two months. So far so good. Oh and if you’re still confused, watch Ellie Kemper try to teach Ellen Bar Method: