Stagnant (weigh-in)

Whoops. My Thursday weigh-in did occur on Thursday, but you all had to wait. Because I was pissed. I’m a stubborn asshole and was very not happy. I knew it would happen. This is a journey, this is me making healthy lifestyle choices, blah blah blah. This is me not losing any weight this week. I should take it as a win because honestly, I drank too much, ate pad thai and chinese food, but honestly, I tracked all my fucking points and still had some leftover. Plus Bar Method. Plus a long walk on the waterfront. Sigh. But it’s ok. One week at a time. And it’s a good thing because now I’m being extra good this week. I’ll get there. I mean honestly, I already FEEL better/hotter/smaller. So what’s one week of stagnation?

In other stagnant news, I am not going anywhere today:
photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (2) Yup. It’s snowing like crazy in Portland. Which means hunkering down, watching way too many episodes of The Good Wife, cleaning my apartment, reading (currently: Midwinterblood, just finished The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, review to come), and watching the Olympics! I’ve got to admit, I kind of like watching the snowy Olympics in my snowy apartment. But as much as I was dying for some quality Me Time before, I’m honestly not sure I’m making the most of it. Guess how many words of my manuscript I’ve written? Big Fat Zero. Sigh.

I actually did make it out to Bar Method this morning before they cancelled the rest of the day’s classes. I’m glad I did, it felt good to move!

photo (4)

Now I have a whole lot of nothing to get back to doing! Ok, maybe I’ve just guilted myself into getting some writing done. And since you’ve all been patient and read my whiny post, you get a cute cat picture!


Starting Weight: 1766.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 169.0 lbs
This Weigh-in: 169.0 lbs
Difference: 0 lbs



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