Farm Cafe

Once a month two of my best friends and I go out to monthly drinks. A) It’s nice to schedule a fun night out because we’re all so busy, it’s good to know we have one night for us! and B) We dress up and go explore Portland. We select a special drink that we all have, and this month due to the New Year, we decided on champagne cocktails. After a little bit of research we headed out to the Farm Cafe for Goldenrods. The Farm Cafe is a restaurant in a house in inner SE Portland that boasts a fresh farm to table menu.

photo 1Our Goldenrods were indeed golden, and consisted of: sparkling wine, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and a splash of lemon juice, with a twist of orange.  Yum! The drinks were delicious. We also started out with baked brie, and despite being in the middle of a gluten-free experiment, I was an idiot and ate some bread. It was so good. Yay bread. The brie was good and gooey, and I ended up with a very sticky hand from the honey the whole thing was soaked in.
baked brie
I ordered the seafood cioppino for dinner. I love seafood. I was torn between the cioppino and the trout, and well, maybe I should have gotten the trout. The cioppino had clams, shrimps, and big chunks of salmon… and it was so so salty. I still ate the entire bowl and didn’t feel like I got cheated on seafood bits (as can be the case), but man. I can salt my own food. I find that this is often a problem for me, so maybe I’m just overly sensitive to salt.

We couldn’t end the meal without dessert.
chocolate souffle That is a chocolate souffle with coffee ice cream. Which, I am happy to report was not too salty. While I had a lovely evening, and there are many other interesting items on the menu that I want to try, there are so many other amazing restaurants in Portland that I would probably choose over Farm Cafe. If someone suggests it, I won’t shoot it down, but I’d say it’s a solid B restaurant, and pricy at that.

And yes, this meal was courtesy of my Weight Watchers Flex Points. I have been super strict with WW, and I’m trying to let go of that a little bit because this has to be a lifestyle change. And sometimes in life you need chocolate souffle.

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