Bookshop Girl Confessional

So, I suck at blogging. But the thing is. I don’t really. Not in my head. In my head I’ve written 23424509834 glorious posts. So why have I not POSTED these posts? Because I feel like an asshole. This blog. It is called Bookshop Girl. I LOVE that name. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. But. I want to break ALL THE BLOGGING RULES. I don’t want to blog about JUST books. I love books, but a book review a week…blah. I could do it. Of course I could. But I don’t want to write about just books. I could start another blog. A blog with all of my witty I HATE BEING SINGLE posts. Or a foodie blog. Or a blog about how I JOINED WEIGHT WATCHERS. But I don’t want a new blog or two. I want this blog. SO. I am making a declaration. I AM NOT WRITING A SPECIFIC BLOG ABOUT SPECIFIC THINGS. Sure my traffic to this lovely place may suck. Sure I might not become FIT AMBASSADOR because I’m not writing specifically FITNESS ALL THE TIME. I might not make it to the top 24245346 Food Blogs. But you know what? THERE WILL BE CONTENT. I won’t feel ashamed posting my food/fat/single/cat/knitting posts. Because this blog? It’s mine.

So now I’m going to stop yelling at you all now. Be prepared for everything and anything. This here? It’s what people call a “lifestyle” blog. Which is a nice way of saying, I’m self-centered and want to write about ME.


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