Here We Go Again….

I’m back!

Due to life happenings, and busyness, I took a bit of a blogging break….if you hadn’t noticed…all 5 of my lovely readers. But I’m back. I’m not going to lie and say I’m committed to posting EVERY DAMN DAY but, I’ll be posting. Hooray. So with out further adieu, what I’ve been up to:

Writing Stuff:

-Lauren at The Renegade Word posted this lovely article about how the two of us discuss our writing projects and bounce ideas off each other.

-I’m taking a writing workshop at The Attic, and making major progress on my manuscript

-Mailing off my MS pages and a check to the Oregon SCBWI Silver Falls retreat, which is next month! I’m so excited for an opportunity to spend a long weekend with writers, agents, and editors. In a cabin! Yay cabins!

-Attended Wordstock, PNBA and the OCTE (Oregon Council of Teachers of English) Conference this weekend. Phew. Crazy Book Weekend.

Working Out Stuff:

-Lost 10 pounds and celebrated 6-months of Bar Method. Hooray!
-Had a stress fracture in my foot thanks to running… no more running. Except it’s been over a month since it’s been healed and I’m tempted to try again. We shall see…

Food Stuff:
-Roasted a pumpkin and am planning on making Pumpkin Parmesan Sauce with some pasta and chicken apple sausage tonight. I love fall.