Weekend Wrap-up

Hi there, internet! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was super busy, but great. I promise there will be more Alaska posts–I’ve still got 4 more days and hundreds of photos to go through, but in the meantime I figured my stalkers readers might want to know what I’ve been up to since I’ve been back. You don’t care? Too bad.

The weekend started with some fresh raspberries right of the bush at my friends’ parents’ backyard. You could really taste the difference between the ones that had ripened in the sun and the ones not within the suns reach. The sun-ripened ones were sweet and juicy and tasted like summer.

photo 1Of course my appetite was not ruined, so a food cart dinner was had. I’m planning on posting a Food Cart Round-Up soon, but for now, Rose City Food Park has an awesome thai cart that I frequent because it’s near one of the bookstores I work at. I had a major craving for pad thai. And a thai iced tea to help beat the heat!
photo 2

After I stuffed myself with thai food we walked over to Laurelwood for some beer. I had the Green Elephant.

00014b1-662x1023photo 3It was really good but I was way too hot so I struggled to finish it. One of my friends read online that Roscoe’s had Radler on tap, so we relocated and I discovered that I LOVE Radler. I’m planning on finding it in bottles and bringing some to a 4th of july party this weekend. It’s half soda half beer, it’s really super light and refreshing, and a great summer beer. (Some may call it a “girly” beer. Good. I’m a girl. I liked it. I also like stouts and porters and IPAs. Bite me.) It was nice to just sit and talk and catch-up with friends. A great way to start the weekend!

Saturday started with an early Bar Method class, and then a morning shift at my children’s bookstore. It was a busy morning and time flew. Everyone spends Saturday mornings buying presents for birthday parties! After I got off I wondered back over to the food carts, this time it was super hot and despite being hungry the only thing that sounded remotely palatable was a smoothie.
photo 5 photo 1 photo 2Sorry for the terrible iphone pics! I went to Moberi Smoothies which is “Portlands Bike Powered Smoothie Bar.” I ordered a Peanut Butter Cup and watched as the woman blended it by sticking it on a blender attached to a bike and peddled to turn on the blender. I felt really bad for her doing that in the heat!! The smoothie was really good though. Very creamy and peanut buttery. It was slightly chalky, I’m guessing from the whey protein, but overall I enjoyed it and will be back to try other flavors.

After my quick pit stop I went with my mom to Kitten Palooza, a kitten adoption event at the Cat Adoption Team (C.A.T.) center in Sherwood. My mom is on the hunt for a long haired tuxedo male kitten. If anyone knows of any let me know! She’s hoping for a Maine Coon, but we’re having trouble what with our super specific demands. We didn’t find The One but we did see some cute kittens:

photo 3Saturday ended on a lazy note, as it was too hot to do much moving around. I did manage to suffer through the heat in my kitchen to make dinner. Halibut, bok choy, brown rice, and edamame:
photo 4It was pretty damn good, and cooked up really fast. Success!

Sunday started out with a morning writing workshop at The Attic Institute.

Photo of Sandwich Board(I didn’t have my camera/forgot to take a picture. This is from their website.)
The Attic is a haven for writers, and offers classes, workshops, writing consultations and a lot more. I signed up for the Novels for Kids and Teens Workshop taught by Emily Whitman. I have been really getting back into my writing ever since my writing retreat, and I figured this was a great way to keep me on track. And I know Emily through my bookstore, and she is the sweetest, kindest lady, so I knew that it would be a great fit for me. I’ll post about my entire Attic experience once the workshop is over (it’s 5 weeks long), but so far so good.

After the workshop I met up with a group of Bar Method ladies for lunch. We went to Prasad, which is a cute little vegan restaurant attatched to Yoga in the Pearl.

photo 5photo 2

I made the mistake of ordering an iced wellness toddy. From the menu: fresh lemon, ginger juice, local honey, cayenne and echinacea served over ice. I’ve been feeling super bloated/gross/fat lately so I thought such a drink was a good idea. I thought wrong. It was hot outside and drinking a drink with cayenne pepper? Terrible idea! I could feel my heart beating faster as I drank it! The drink itself was good, if you can handle the heat, but it was definitely not for me. I also ordered the puttanesca raw pasta–zucchini noodles in a tomato sauce with a nut ricotta on top. It was flavorful, and I surprised myself by enjoying the zucchini noodles, which were just ribbons of zucchini. They also have a variety of smoothies on the menu that I will certainly be back to try.

Lunch was made even better by the company I had. We talked a lot about Bar Method, and our experiences. It really helps to have a support group. We got to talking about nutrition and healthy eating, and I know I need to work harder at staying on top of that side of things. Some things that were discussed include eating until you’re 60% full, eating smaller meals throughout the day, and of course just being really careful and watch what you put into your body–processed foods = bad. Which means you are all going to call me a hypocrite in 3…2….1:

photo 3 photo 4After lunch I went to the movies, thank you air conditioning gods. I saw This is the End, and it was everything I expected to be and more, but my post is already long so read EW’s review, to which the only thing I will add is: Michael Cera, omg. So what’s with the weird candy pictures? I went to the movies out in Beaverton and was near the best asian grocery store so a candy buying trip had to happen. Green Tea Kit Kats. My favorite.

photo 5

And now you’re all caught up! I’m now on my lunch break, drinking several tall drinks (water, iced coffee, strawberry smoothie) and trying to stay hydrated. It’s been hot in Portland, and we are a rainy folk, not bred for this kind of shit. I see many pee breaks in my future….


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