Alaska: Quick Ass Recap

ImageI’m back! I have about ten million and 5 photos to upload, and promise you will hear all about my adventures in Alaska–mostly Fairbanks and Denali–but for now you get a quick recap and some fun facts that I learned! Yay fun facts!

Carly’s Quick Ass Alaska Recap:

  • Mosquitoes. I hate them. They were everywhere and I have NO self control with the scratching. I had to be mitted:


Apparently mosquitoes are not really the state bird. Fun Fact: The willow ptarmigan is the official state bird of Alaska in 1955. The unofficial state bird? Mosquitoes. I want to take this moment to give all of them my own personal state bird. Otherwise known as the middle finger.

  • They don’t call it the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing. The sun really didn’t go down. Well not all the way. It felt like I was there for one really long day with a few late night naps. So bizarre. As I’m writing this I’m waiting anxiously for the Portland sunset. I miss my night sky. Granted they get plenty of that in Alaska in the winter. It would be interesting to visit again, but in the winter, and compare. 
  • The record high in Fairbanks is 96ᵒ…when I was there it hit 93ᵒ. There aren’t very many buildings that have air conditioning. It was pretty hot. But on the bright side, the mosquitoes hid on the hot days. Wimps.
  • Caribou and Reindeer are the same thing. Sort of. Reindeer are domesticated Caribou. I wore Reindeer antlers during the Midnight Sun Run, and everyone yelled “Go Caribou!” ….Alaskans are pretty adorable. 
  • At 20,320 feet above sea level, Mt. McKinley, is the highest point in North America… and yet we still had a hard time finding/seeing it because Denali is HUGE.
  • White water rafting is my new favorite thing. Having a cute guide with a southern accent helps the experience.
  • I also enjoy hot springs! Who knew? And I can do both of my new favorite things in Oregon too. This is happening.
  • Reindeer sausage is kind of weird…doesn’t really taste like Christmas.
  • Speaking of Christmas, when Santa isn’t at the real North Pole, he hangs out at his satellite location in North Pole, Alaska.
  • Moose are cool.

Question of the Day: Which would you rather have? Longer days or longer nights?
I used to be on the longer-days-train, but I have come to realize I have a limit! I prefer those lovely spring days where it stays dark until 7 or 8. Anything past that might be a bit much for me.



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