Cider House Rules

1photo 1Usually when I think cider I think fall, but I recently had the chance to go to a cider tasting and I’m now tooting a different cider horn. Cider all year round! The tasting was at Hop & Vine, an adorable bar on Killingsworth with an attached bottleshop. Every Wednesday night they offer a free tasting from 6-8 from a different brewery or winery. This particular Wednesday night they were featuring ciders from OutCider a local cider brewery that specializes in small batch ciders–and their labels are unique for each batch!

photo 4They were offering two different ciders to taste. The first was their standard Dry Cider. I was surprised when I tried this one because it wasn’t the cloyingly sweet cider I was used to. Instead it was crisp and almost tangy. The second cider was the reason I wanted to go to the tasting. Ginger Pineapple Supernova. This one was superb. You could taste the pineapple and the ginger, but it didn’t detract from the cider flavor. They juice everything themselves and it tasted fresh and crisp–definitely a cool summer drink for a hot day. I liked the Supernova so much that I went next door to the bar side and got myself a glass. photo 4Hop & Vine also has a great beer list, and a really delicious looking menu that I would love to come back and explore sometime. This place is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in Portland. It’s unpretentious, has a great selection, and the atmosphere is cozy but not your typical hipster-portland-bar.

While I’m on the subject of cider, this weekend in Portland is the Cider Summit NW. I won’t be able to attend, but if anyone does, please tell me how it is! And if you see OutCider there, grab a glass!

Question: What’s your favorite summer drink? Any one have any cider recommendations for this cider newbie?
In the summer I’m usually less of a beer drinker and more of a g&t drinker, BUT I have officially become a Portlander because I now like IPA. Hello hops! Definitely an acquired taste, but one I’m glad to have now.


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