She Blogs, She Blogs


I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing. The thing is….it’s a little weird, right? I mean, am I really so narcissistic that I think the entire internet needs to know what I ate last night? (Whiffie Pie. omg.) Ok maybe. I’ve also been doing research on how to increase blog traffic. One of the big suggestions? Facebook. My first thought? Oh god, that’s embarrassing, I don’t want  facebook to know I’m blogging! Because sharing information with total strangers about the amazing beer I had last night at Apex (they’re cash only, just a heads-up!)  makes a lot more sense, right?So why am I doing this? Many reasons, actually!

1. I read a lot of healthy lifestyle fitness blogs. They have seriously helped me look at what I eat and inspired me to change my diet and figure out what exercise works for me. Now, I will admit, I have a terrible problem with comparing myself to others. But if I’m going to do it, I might as well have healthy influences. Ok, also I really like stalking people, and it’s a lot safer stalking people I don’t know. So I started this blog up again to help spread information about healthy eating and fitness and how even a slob who loves beer and Doctor Who marathons can get off her butt and get her act together and STILL like beer and Doctor Who marathons. My little piece of the internet is just another way to keep me accountable. And tell everyone to go eat Whiffie Pies at 1 in the morning, and watch the crazy Portlanders wearing capes walk around SE Portland like it’s no big deal. So. Many. Capes.

(Side note on stalking: If you came here to stalk me, and read stories about that time I went on a date with a guy who showed me naked pictures of his stripper friend named Bamboo dressed-up as Hello Kitty, you’re in the wrong place. And I use the word “dressed” loosely. I’ve read the blog rules. If you don’t want your mom or your boss reading it, don’t write about it.)

2. I’m writing a book. I like to write. I’m a writer! Ok so you’re not going to find eloquent prose in these parts, but blogging is still another way for me to keep writing. I’m also hoping to be able to use this as a writing sample for freelance gigs, in the future. Also, I’m a big reader and part of the lovely Portland reading/writing community. I’m hoping I can use this a place to promote my friends/colleagues, and discuss our lovely writing scene.


3. I’m a narcissistic asshole who thinks everyone wants to know what I ate last night.


Margot BlogsIt’s all part of Margot’s internet domination plan.

So there you have it. I’m now going to be brave and share this with facebook. Everyone be nice.


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