Meet Jack:

photo(1)Jack LaLanne, that is. And yes, that is a Goodwill price tag on poor old Jack. $14.99 for a used juicer? How could I say no? Ok, I’m not gonna lie, I’m still kind of afraid I drank Goodwill Germs and will soon develop a nasty rash or something, but so far so good. But, I figured Jack here would be a good tester to see if I want to purchase a new fancy spendy juicer later on. I seriously winged it though, on the juice making. Into the juicer I put…


1 apple, 1 peach, a bunch of kale. And it came out looking a bit like this:

photo(4)Delicious looking, right? Ok maybe not. But it tasted pretty dang good for a non-recipe, first time juice. The juicer itself seemed ok, but as I said, I have no juicer experience and had no idea what to expect. Things I learned? Put a bigger bowl under the waste side. My counter now has pulp everywhere. Oops. Cleaning this guy? Well…. I haven’t tried yet. You see I wanted to give him a good old scrub down before I used him, Goodwill Germs and all, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to take him apart. I even downloaded a manual from the internet, and still couldn’t get the blade part to come out like the pictures said. So I scrubbed him down as best I could and prayed to the Goodwill Gods that his previous owners weren’t really sick or anything. I mean, they owned a juicer, so they were probably awesome right? Anyway, my first juicing experience was ok, and I plan on using good old Jack here more often, once I figure out how to clean him. I am wondering though, if anyone in Juiceland knows…I like my juice COLD. So should I refrigerate my ingredients first? Put my juice in the fridge for a bit? I’m not a huge ice cube fan, so I’d rather not go that route, and refrigerating apples seems weird to me, but I guess I could give it a go. I will keep you posted. In the meantime:



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