Dessert Stomach


It is no secret to those who know me that I have a sweet tooth. And that I have the ability to call my Dessert Stomach into action even after the biggest of meals. Oh Dessert Stomach. You are my favorite. So lucky for me and my dessert stomach this week, I went to not one, but TWO of Portland’s World Famous Places To Eat Sweet Things. First off, Pix!


photo-3We had our book club meeting at La Calaca Comelona (perfectly fine mexican food, nothing to write home about… or blog about), and afterwords we were all craving something sweet. So we walked the .5 mile to Pix, where I got the Queen of Sheba Truffle Cake:

photo-1Damn straight, I got ice cream on top. And I was surprised, their ice cream was REALLY good. I’m an ice cream snob (it runs in my family, my grandfather owned an ice cream factory in Brooklyn), so when I say it was good, it was good. Vanilla-ey but not too much, creamy, and delicious. And the cake. From the menu: “Moist chocolate almond cake with bittersweet chocolate center. Warm slightly for molten chocolate center.”  Chocolate almond deliciousness. Gooey and warm and just right. Macarons were also had:


Kalamansi Lime, Coconut Curry, Tawny Port, and…two others that I don’t remember the flavors. (Blog fail. They weren’t MY macarons. I just have smart friends who let me try them. Because they like to not get killed.) The stand-out was the Port flavored. Not to be a Huge Asshole, but I’ve had better macarons. These were good. Very good. And I respect all macaron makers, as I am one. But there’s this place in Santa Barbara. OMG. They fucking melt in your fucking mouth. Renaud’s, I think?
Want more sweets? Yay! Follow me:

photo (2)The very next day I went to Salt and Straw because they currently have Beer Flavored Ice Cream:


photo-6I got the Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout and the  Bretta Fermented Pears and Fudge. So weird. So good. Possibly overhyped? But still, so good. I mean, I love beer, and I love ice cream, so this was a win in my book. But. Beer flavored ice cream is WEIRD and hard to pull off. Also, I’m regretting not getting the Smoked Heff, because I of course tasted them all, and I tasted my friend’s Passionfruit Berliner Weise and am now craving those two instead of the two that I ordered. Guess another ice cream trip is in order! Good thing for all of that Bar Method.

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite dessert? Favorite place to get dessert?
I’m actually going to have to deviate from the above two places and say Papa Hayden for cake! So. Good. So. So. So. Good. Ok clearly if I want to be a food writer I’m going to have to find better discriptors. Orgasmic cake. There you go. That place makes me go all Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

And on that note, I hope you all have a sweet weekend! (ha….)


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