The Magic Colonyhouse

1001170_10101864631709933_1669825272_nHello! Like my view? I spent this weekend at Rockaway Beach writing my little butt off. A bunch of us from my writing group decided that it would be great to have a writing retreat. We are all members of the Oregon Writers Colony so we decided to take advantage of our membership and booked the Colonyhouse for the weekend. The Oregon Writers Colony uses the house for its own writing retreats including a really cool program where they have specific genre mentors in the house working with you. We are all in various stages of our works in progress, so we had a much more freeform weekend, but it was a huge success. Let’s take a tour of the digs, shall we?

photo (2)



Not bad, right? Despite the beach calling to me, I was extremely productive and made some major changes in my manuscript. I’m beginning to see it come together, and it’s getting to be fun working on it again. For all of you Oregon writers reading this, I highly recommend the Colonyhouse. The house itself was in great shape, the location was amazing (there’s a path that goes right down to the beach), the kitchen was just renovated and lovely. Just make sure to bring awesome company, which is not hard to find in this supportive writing community. Hopefully next time I post from here I will be editing my completed re-vamped manuscript. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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