Oh Happy Day…Donut Day!

ImageIt’s National Donut Day! Did you know that National Donut Day was started by the Salvation Army in 1938?

I actually celebrated a day early. Yesterday, after Bar Method my friend showed me something magical sitting in her car. Behold, the Bucket o’ Donuts:

photo 1She’s a teacher and it was the last day of class so she brought in donuts for her kids. Best teacher ever. She let me grab a donut for my walk home:

photo 4

mmmmm m&m Voodoo Donut. Us Portlanders love our Voodoo, as seen in my previous post. And yes, I ate a salad for lunch. You want to see that too? Ok, weirdo, here you go:

photoNow go to Dunkin Donuts’ or Krispy Kreme! Or if you want to see more weirdo donuts, check out these Great Doughnut Innovations Since 1958. Square donuts. They happened.

Question of the Day: Favorite donut flavor?

Bacon Maple Voodoo Donut. Duh.


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