I Ate A Salad

photo (2)I work fulltime at a private college bookstore. That means, conveniently located right above my office is the college dinning hall. Now I try pretty darn hard to pack my lunches and avoid going up to Commons and grabbing a burger/grilled cheese/quesadilla but the convenience of it is just so tempting. Today I found myself without a packed lunch. When I went upstairs I heard the siren song coming from the grill station. But I stayed strong! I have been eating many delicious things because my sister was in town, and we are a family of foodies. But now she is gone and it is time to get back on track. So I went to the salad bar. Spinach, arugula (spellcheck wanted that to be areola. not in my salad, please.), tomatoes, blue cheese, cucumbers and  RADISHES. I only just discovered, thanks to my CSA, that I LOVE RADISHES. Topped it all off with some balsamic dressing…and then I went to the grill station. And got a grilled chicken breast. Protein for my salad! While I was eating outside I declared my salad a success, and decided that this week is….wait for it….SALAD WEEK! That’s right folks. Every lunch this Bookshop Girl eats will be a salad. The weather is nice, and I think this is a perfect way to detox.

Ok, I have to admit something. It feels a little weird telling the internet that I had a salad for lunch. And writing an entire paragraph about it. But the main purposes of this blog are to keep me accountable, keep me writing, and to get/give support with the whole fit/healthy lifestyle (and blog about books and cats and other stuff too). So: I ate a salad.

Question of the Day: (who am I kidding, I have zero readers!)

What is your favorite salad/Any advice on healthy lunches to bring to work?




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